We are pleased to introduce to you the product of our close cooperation with AppGrade – iOS application “Mushrooms: Great Encyclopedia of Fungi” which now includes the feature of mushroom recognition by photo.

Just point the camera of your device to the mushroom of interest – and we will find descriptions of all the similar mushrooms for you. It’s just great, no longer need to search the text and descriptions, now just a few seconds and you will get maximum information!

Mushrooms: Great Encyclopedia of Fungi

Deep convolutional neural network (CNN) is used to recognize the species of mushroom by photo. The neural network is designed using an open source and popular Tensorflow library. For training we uses about 1.5 thousand of sample photos for each species. The application is able to recognize 172 species of mushrooms.

Mushrooms: Great Encyclopedia of Fungi


The mushroom recognition feature requires a network connection. In future versions it is planned to implement offline recognition.

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